Construction of Krishna temple remains a matter of conflict in Islamabad

The ruling parties have started to denounce the temple construction at Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. 

Pakistan Muslim League Qaid, which shares power with PM Imran Khan, has said the temple construction is against the principles of Islam. PML-Q has said that Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party has called for an urgent halt to the on-site building of temple, says report. 

A few days ago the Islamabad Capital Development Authority gave land for the temple, but a Mufti of Jamia Ashrafiya Madrasa, a religious education institution, has issued a fatwa against it. Not only this, a lawyer has reached the High Court to stop the construction of the temple.

In a joint press conference in Islamabad, leaders of different religious parties said that building a temple on the taxes of Muslims can’t be tolerated in Pakistan.

While addressing the media the Chief of Jamiat Ulema e Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Islamabad chapter Maulana Abdul Hameed Hazarvi said that they were going to raise the issue in the Shariat Court.

He stated that the incumbent government has lost its way as they had spent billions on Kartarpur Corridor and now they were going to build a temple in the capital city of the country. Meanwhile, the leader of Central Jamiat Ahlihadees Kashif Chudhry said that building of a temple was nothing more than playing with the feelings of 220 million people of the country. He stated that building a new temple in Islamabad was beyond thinking as there was already a temple built in Said Pur Village near Islamabad.

On the occasion, Maulana Tanvir Alvi said that all the sects of Islam were agreed upon a point that no temple or church can be built in a Muslim country. Although he said that the old and existing temples and churches can be repaired when needed.

In a simple program on 23 June, MP and Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi was appointed to oversee the historic work of temple construction.
Although this land of 20 thousand square feet was handed over to a local Hindu committee in the year 2017 itself, the construction work of the temple was stuck due to administrative reasons.

PM Imran Khan has sanctioned a total of 10 crores for the construction of this temple. The foundation was laid last week for the construction of this temple. Punjab Assembly Speaker and PML-Q Chaudhary Parvez Elahi said that Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam. The construction of the temple in its capital is not only against the spirit of Islam but also against the concept of welfare Islamic state, news reported. 

However, Punjab Information Minister and PTI leader Fayyjul Hasan Chauhan said that the construction of the temple will continue even after some leaders have protested. Fayyjul Hasan Chauhan said that the land for the temple was allotted by the PML (N) government in 2016 and this is the project of PML N. The population of Hindus in Islamabad is 3 thousand. It includes government and private sector employees, business community people and a large number of doctors. The Hindu Panchayat of Islamabad will take care of this Shri Krishna temple.

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