Nawaz, ‘high-risk patient’: Medical Reports

Fresh medical report from former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, filed with the Lahore High Court Registry, shows that he must undergo coronary catheterization as a significant part of his heart is at risk, the Dawn reports.
The report signed by Dr. David Lawrence, a cardiothoracic surgeon based in London, indicates that medical investigations and opinions indicate a significant reduction in the blood supply to Mr. Sharif’s heart and its impaired functionality.
The treatment of Mr. Sharif is said to have been carried out conservatively, as is the prognosis of the various diseases that he suffers from.
“A multidisciplinary approach was warranted for his safety while undergoing an invasive procedure due to underlying ITP (unstable platelet counts) and co-morbidities (hypertension, diabetes & kidney disease) which carry a significant risk of bleeding and possibility of a procedural or peri-procedural adverse cardiac event,” the report adds.
It explains that Mr Sharif will be scheduled for an invasive cardiac procedure once the hospitals starts planning elective procedures amidst Covid-19 pandemic and given that he, being in the high-risk category, is stable enough to go through the intervention.
Mr Sharif, given his age and significant disease burden, falls in the category of patients who, if exposed to the Covid-19 infection, may be at a much greater risk than a normal person, the consultant cautions in his report.
He advises the former PM to take extra precautions and not to expose himself needlessly. Also recommends Mr Sharif to stay in close proximity to health facilities in London, given the many risk factors to which he is exposed.
The medical report filed by the legal team of Mr Sharif is duly attested by a notary public of London.
The LHC had in 2019 allowed Mr Sharif to travel abroad, initially for a period of four weeks, granting bail to him on medical grounds. His lawyers were directed by the court to keep filing his periodical medical reports.

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