Pak Railway Minister commented on Ram Mandir stone’s foundation

The foundation stone for the construction of a grand temple of Ramlala in the complex of Ram Janmabhoomi has been laid today, after a long wait. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to worship Shila.
Now Pakistan seems to be buoyed by the Ram temple’s founding stone. So he has also started to threaten India in this matter.
In this regard, Railway Minister Sheik Rashid in the government of Imran Khan on Tuesday attacked the government of Narendra Modi, and called it communal. Pakistani Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has stated in this regard. In this statement, he said that India has now become Ram Nagar, and secularism is ending there.
The Pakistani Railway Minister even said that now Hinduism forces have come to dominate India. Minorities are having trouble there. Today PMA Modi came to Ayodhya after 29 years.
The historic event came a year after the Supreme Court ordered for the construction of Ram Mandir at the once disputed site of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The event also ends Hindus’ century-long fight for the Ram Mandir in the city where Lord Ram was born.

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