​ Ready to ‘eat grass’ to increase funding for Pakistan Army: Shoaib Akhtar

Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has said he’s willing to eat grass if it meant an increase in the Pakistan army’s budget.
“If Allah ever gives me the authority, I will eat grass myself but I will increase the budget of the army,” Akhtar said, as quoted by ANI (from an interview with ARY News).
Akhtar further said the civilians and the army need to collaborate with each other.
“I will ask my army chief to sit with me and make decisions. If the budget is 20 per cent, I will make it 60 per cent. If we insult each other, the loss is ours only,” said the former Pakistan fast bowler.
According to an Asia Times report in July, Pakistan has added nearly USD 22 Billion to the nation’s international debt under the governance of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has himself been a renowned all-rounder for the country’s cricket team.
Earlier, Akhtar had also proposed a cricket match between India and Pakistan to raise funds in the fight against Coronavirus. The suggestion was put down by a number of Indian cricketers, however.
Akhtar has remained significantly vocal on various issues and often remains in news for his opinions on cricket and beyond.

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