Sindhi Foundation to oppose ‘enforced’ Pakistani disappearances on August 14

The Sindhi Foundation has called on all Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns, Gilgit-Baltistan people and other human rights organizations to join the protest on August 14th at 5 pm (EST).
A US-based Sindhi organisation will hold a protest outside the Pakistani ambassador’s house here against enforced disappearances of Sindhi community members on August 14, the independence day of Pakistan, media reported.
The Sindhi Foundation has appealed to all Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns, people of Gilgit-Baltistan and other human rights organisations to join the protest at 5 pm (EST) on August 14.
In 2017, the Sindhi Foundation started the “where is” campaign when Punhal Sario, Convener of Voice of Missing Persons Sindh, was abducted. The initiative has now turned into a movement and people from all walks of lives including US representatives have participated in the movement.
Thousands of people are sharing on social media “where is” videos with the names of victims of enforced disappearances on social media.
During a protest against enforced disappearances on August 1, outside Pakistani ambassador’s house here, Munawar Laghari, Executive Director of Sindhi Foundation said, “I want to tell the people in Sindh who are being tortured, suffering and fighting for their basic human rights, that ‘you’re not alone, I am with you.’ I also want to tell the families of the victims of enforced disappearances, that we are not weak, we are very strong and if we all stand united for Sindh, we will get all our people freed.”
Hundreds of Sindhis’ enforced disappearances were a cause of concern for Sindhi community. When speaking with the media recently, several families of the victims recounted how they had been violently thrashed before being physically taken away from their respective parents.
Frequent demonstrations are taking place in various provincial cities and towns of Sindh to highlight the crimes perpetrated by the security forces in the federal government’s knowledge.

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