Afghanistan says that closure of terrorist sanctuaries would be successful through genuine Pakistani cooperation

Afghanistan said on Friday it believes the closure of terrorist sanctuaries to be successful and advantageous through sincere cooperation and the use of the Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Pakistan Foreign Ministry statement accused Afghan border security forces of facilitating the attackers.
“Pakistan strongly condemns this unprovoked, aggressive action by Afghan forces and the evident support provided to the terrorists,” said the statement.
In response, Afghanistan Foreign Ministry denied the allegation and said Afghanistan is the main victim of terrorism from terrorist hideouts in the region.
“The Government of Afghanistan considers the closure of terrorist sanctuaries to be effective and beneficial through genuine cooperation and the use of Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS) bilateral mechanism to truly fight common threats,” it said.
The APAPPS was established in May 2018 as part of efforts by two sides to sort out issues through negotiations.
The APAPPS framework provides a comprehensive and structured mechanism to enhance engagement between counterpart institutions of the two countries.
Established in 1893, the Durand Line is a 2,430-kilometre line that separates the two nations.
The ministry said Kabul has always insisted that no terrorist group should be allowed to use Afghan territory against Pakistan or other countries.
“The fight and dedication of the Afghan security forces against terrorism is a clear example of the true struggle of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan against terrorism,” the statement said.
The ministry said that at the request of Pakistan forces, a security meeting between the two countries’ security officials was held in the Dir area.
“The meeting itself demonstrates the strong resolve of the Government of Afghanistan to work together with the Government of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism,” the statement read.
(With inputs from ANI)

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